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Double Beholder DS1 at Cine Gear 2016, New 4K Ocean Beach Videos with 120FPS

Owl Dolly

One Beholder DS1 is never enough so pick up that second Beholder DS1 and have a friend join the cinematic experience. Pictured at Cine Gear 2016, Sony A7SII 16-35mm FE Zeiss, Canon 5DIII with Canon 24mm and Beholder Support System

Our best of show at Cine Gear 2016 goes to Blackmagic Camera. Pictured at the Blackmagic booth Beholder DS1 with BMPCC and Beholder Support with Quick Release

The Beholder Support with Quick Release is in stock and available today for $99.95, free shipping.

Discover the best value in camera stabilization with a Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer for $699.95 or a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer  $499.95. Order now and get an extra set of batteries.

Warning! This video contains super long slow motions shots. Enjoy the extra detail! Watch for the formations and deformations of water and ocean foam. See a Seagull's wings pull into the air, watch him snack, discover the amazing mechanics of those wings turning into a soft landing airbrake. Also see one of the best ocean spray, Seagull crossover shots.

Shot notes:
Testing out recording at 120 frames. Zoomed in at 16, 24, and 35mm. The stabilizer is being held inverted and is in lock mode to get that parallax effect. The operator is squatting, then rising up, and extending their arms up for a jib shot while the stabilizer is in lock mode.

Music by 1215 Music. Shadow Play. Check them out on FaceBook.

Want the best in camera stabilization, don't forget to get the best in support for your Beholder DS1 or MS1 from OwlDolly. From repairs to troubleshooting, OwlDolly offers %100 product support.

Sit back and enjoy the purr of the ocean surf. Testing out mixing 4K footage with 120fps footage. Zoomed in at 16, 24, and 35mm. The stabilizer is in lock mode to get that parallax effect. The Sea Otter was filmed with a canon FD 200mm lens with a 2x converter, and a giant rock for a tripod. See more Morro Bay Sea Otters in 4k,

Music by 1215 Music. Fever Pitch.

The last video has nothing todo with stabilizers just everything todo with cutie furry Sea Otters. Enjoy them sleeping, eating, rubbing their little faces with their paws, swimming, and see a baby Sea Otter take a nap on mom's belly. -OwlDolly

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  • steve prue on

    Just got my Beholder support in yesterday – love it!

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