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The Nine Lives of Claw

Devlin Murphy

"They wanted him eliminated, but crossing this cat's path proved to be a bad idea. Now he's got the rest of his get even." Have a look at The Nine Lives of Claw, an animated show from Cameron Casey. Cameron has been a long time client and supporter of OwlDolly. Find out how Claw and Edison are going to get even! 

Dont for get about the SDI FEELWORLD Monitor for $276.95.

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  • Gary Pilla on

    Hey Fans, Gary Pilla here. I’m the co-creator of The Nine Lives of Claw. This is a great opportunity for us to tell stories our way. We need kickstarter and your support to get this amazing cartoon off the ground. Your pledge means so much and they start at just 10 bucks! You’ll also get amazing rewards for your pledges like Crew T-shirts, signed drawings, posters, prototype models and MORE. Come see it now!

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