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Beholder MS1 Video and Setup

Devlin Murphy

Enjoy an awesome video, along with setup instructions for the Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer for $499.95 from TRD. This is the perfect stabilizer for capturing the moment with a Sony A7s, GH4, BMPCC, or any camera under 860 grams. The stabilizer is lightweight and compact enough to share a camera bag or backpack. Also take advantage of our Beholder Stabilizer Deal, $749.95. Get the Beholder MS1 Stabilizer, Beholder Smartphone StabilizerIsraeli Arm, and Smartphone clamp. A total savings of $48.


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  • Antonis on

    Hallo, I am interested to buy the MS1 and i want to know if i have to make any changes to the software through PC or i set up my camera immediately without settings. Also, is there any screw in order to set any monitor on it?and last i want to inform me if the invert mose is necessary to change through PC.thanks a lot!

  • Toshiko on

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