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Get a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer while Supplies Last

Devlin Murphy

Get the Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer while supplies last, 2 day shipping available for $29. Check out our hot summer sale on Camera Stabilizers, Sliders, Camera Cages, and Shoulder Rigs. 

The MS1 now comes with an adapter plate allowing cameras like the RX100 to be used. Capture that moment with the MS1 Camera Stabilizer, the perfect travel companion. 

Amazing Stabilizer Deal. Get the MS1 Camera Stabilizer $499.95 and the GoPro Stabilizer $229.95 for $709.90 ($20 discount). Or Get the whole Beholder Stabilizer Family, MS1 $499.95, GoPro Stabilizer $229.95, and Smartphone Stabilizer $259.95 for $949.85 ($40 discount). 

Pictured Camera is a BMPCC with Olympus 9mm f8 pancake, Venice Beach. 


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  • Maiko on

    Sarah W, in your defense, the parts of Canada we went to had barley any people in them. So I’m not sure it’s a very good comparison to, say, Toronto. We were literally in the middle of nowhere. Our only experience with actual city life was passing through Edmonton during the Stanley Cup, which was insane and it was nearly impossible to find a hotel to stay in. So…. what’s my point? Not sure.(and thanks for asking about Nico, he is doing A+ as long as he is on the steroid they gave us. waiting on a second opinion for further decision-making.)

  • Rajaram on

    I already have purchased MS1 Beholder Gimbal online. I just wanted to know what is the MINIMUM weight camera that can be mounted on it ? For example, can you mount just a gopro hero4 black ? I do not find an answer for this in any website including TRD !
    Can you enlighten me ?

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