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Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer Balancing Video Featuring the Sony A7s

Owl Dolly

Watch and learn how to balance a Sony A7s with Metabones, Canon 24mm lens on the Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer. The DS1 can handle many different camera body types and lenses. With practice balancing will become easier. Get the best value in a camera stabilizer with a Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer for $699.95 or a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer  $499.95. Order now and get an extra set of batteries.


Pictured is the Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer with BMPCC, Lens Turbo, Canon FD 24mm.

Check the blog tomorrow for DS1 balancing videos featuring Canon 7D and BMPCC. 


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  • steadycamming on

    Any ideas about using these in museums? I keep getting harassed in museums when I used mechanical steadycams.

    I started using electronic ones and still got harassed. I am usually in non-english speaking countries so I have trouble explaining. I can see their ‘no-selfie stick’ policies and worry some confuse our ds1’s as selfie sticks.

    This is really frustrating as I use it most often for museums, well intended to anyway, and always get stopped.

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