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How to Turn Off the Buzzer on the Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer and Customer MS1 Music Video from the Broad Museum

Owl Dolly

Discover the best value in camera stabilization with a Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer for $699.95 or a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer  $499.95. Order now and get an extra set of batteries.

Above Sony A7s with Metabons. Location of the micro usb connection for the DS1's board.

How to turn off the buzzer on the Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer. Before we begin we must stress that Simple BGC is far from user friendly, it is likely you will encounter a roadblock, don't panic. Simple BGC is a logically oriented program that is extremely rewarding once mastered. Remember any changes made will overwrite the data on the DS1, there is no undo.

Remove the two T6 screws holding the cap over the DS1's board, located on the face of the tilt gimbal.

Download: Virtual Com Port, USB to UART, Simple BGC 32-bit 2.55b3.

Simple BGC for mac users, find and launch the .Jar file.

Open Simple BGC. Connect the DS1. Locate Service Tab. Under Service Tab, locate Buzzer. Under Buzzer, un-check the boxes in that section. Last step, locate "WRITE" and click. Disconnect the DS1 from the program. Test the DS1. 

Check out a very colorful customer video showcasing the art from the Broad Museum set to music. Captured with a Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer and a BMPCC with Canon 24mm. 


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  • Santiago on

    Hi, which is best mac version of Simple BGC for Beholder MS1? And which is the best usb port (of the MS!) to connect on the computer..?

    Thank you.

  • yoji sow on

    my ds1 keep tremble no mattter i do the best balance or i use a7s or 5d,is keep that software problem?

  • Dennis on

    Excellent! Thanks for this information. I pre-ordered a DS1 and I wanted to read up on available software tweaks before it gets here. Now I have the manual! Really looking forward to using the DS1 for filmmaking.

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