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Beholder EC1 SALE?! Shop this steal for yourself while it lasts!

Owl Dolly

  It's not everyday a state of the art camera stabilizer is offered at a discount! Jump on this deal and get your hands on the Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer for $898.99!  
  The stabilizer has five built in modes that include follow, pitch lock/head lock, lock, follow roll, and home. The Beholder EC1’s tech operates on a whole new level of vibration free stability with more than 360 degrees of rotation. The stabilizer is built around the next advancement in gyro sensor technology, giving the EC1 greater perception, and ability to adapt to change.  
 Picking up a new Beholder EC1 means endless creative opportunities. Pre-order now!

Beholder EC1 Camera Stabilizer



-Owl Dolly

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