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Great minds choose BeholderEC1 and Zhiyun Crane over other gimbal stabilizers!

Owl Dolly

  Thinking about investing in a new camera stabilizer? Not sure how to pick the best camera stabilizer for your creative needs? With Beholder EC1 and Zhiyun Crane, you need not contemplate anymore! 
  These stabilizers are the most affordable solution to the problem of camera stabilization. Both Zhiyun Crane and Beholder EC1 have motors with built in encoders. A stabilizer with encoders will be more reliable, quicker to respond to change, and offer 6 times the battery life. Previous stabilizers from Came-TV, Nebula, and Dji cannot match the performance or features of either the EC1 or the Crane! The point and lock feature of the EC1 are unmatched. The Crane's built in Bluetooth feature offers a great deal of remote control and updates through its App the Zhiyun Assistant.
  Learn how to buy and what to look for in your camera stabilizer at Owl Dolly! 

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