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Introducing the newest star to the OwlDolly lineup: Zhiyun Crane!

Owl Dolly

 Allow us to introduce OwlDolly's newest addition to our family of camera stabilizers and accessories! It's name is the Zhiyun Crane! 
  The Zhiyun Crane camera stabilizer weighs only 2.8 pounds, 1080 grams with batteries. Incredibly, the lightweight stabilizer can lift up to 4 pounds, 1800 grams of camera! Featured is a conveniently built in analog 5-way joystick and rotation ability of 360° on all 3 axis points. The gimbal of the Crane is fully adjustable, to make adjustments requires no tools, and when needed a lens support can be attached.
  Unique to the Crane is the CCI, Camera Control Interface. This interface allows a user to control camera shutter and zoom from the crane handle. Users can also wirelessly control the Crane with an amazing app developed by Zhiyun’s engineers for iOS and Android OS.  
  Now available for $649.95!

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