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Visiting where Beholder EC1 is born and bred for professional film making!

Amanda Anatole

   We at OwlDolly had the pleasure of visiting Shangyu, China and experiencing firsthand the home of our beloved product, Beholder EC1. During our recent factory tour, it became more apparent than ever how far camera stabilizers have come. What used to be available only to professional feature length film makers, is now available to the public in the form of a single handle camera stabilizer.  
  On the handle of the EC1 is an OLED status display to present mode selection, battery life, and joystick direction. On the bottom of the handle is the battery cap with a 3/8th mount and on the side a ¼ mount for accessories such as a microphone. The stabilizer has 5 built in modes that include follow, pitch lock/head lock, lock, follow roll, and home.  Without having to spend thousands of dollars, these days one can have high quality equipment featuring advanced technology with Beholder EC1.

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