3-ft Beholder Remote for DS1 and MS1 Stabilizers

The Beholder Remote will allow a user to remotely control the movement of a DS1 or MS1 stabilizer. Pan, tilt, and mode selection can be controlled through the wired remote joystick.

Supported Stabilizers:

  • Beholder DS1 Camera Stabilizer.
  • Beholder MS1 Camera Stabilizer.


  • 5 way joystick.
  • Mode Selection.


  • Micro USB Connector.
  • 3ft; 1m.


  • Turn off stabilizer when connecting or disconnecting the remote joystick. When joystick is connected, the stabilizer's joystick will not function.

     Technical Support and Repair:

    • Personalized customer support and repair based in Los Angeles, CA.


    • One year manufacturer's warranty provided by TRD and handled through OwlDolly.  


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