Cinematics Shoulder Rig
Cinematics Shoulder Rig
Cinematics Shoulder Rig
Cinematics Shoulder Rig
Cinematics Shoulder Rig

Cinematics Shoulder Rig

April, 30-2015. Discounted price due to model being used as a display.

Cinematics Shoulder Rig

Affordable price, attention to detail, and high quality build best describe, what Cinematics strives for. The complete rig package comes with a Cinematics Matte Box, a Cinematics Follow Focus and a Cinematics Lens Gear Kit. The Cinematics Matte Box features a swing away design, allowing for quick lens changing. The Cinematics Follow Focus has a solid feel and a long list of professional features.  The Cinematics Lens Gear Kit comes with six lens gears. The lens gears can fit focus rings that range from 60-119mm. From the moment you pick it up, the Cinematics Shoulder Rig is going to have you smiling. Getting that right fit is easy with the ergonomically designed handgrips, and the contoured shoulder pad. The Cinematics Shoulder Rig is simple to adjust, and all the bolts are serviceable by an Allen key. The steel baseplate has three great features, independent height adjustability, a quick release plate with a safety, and storage for camera screws. The Cinematics Shoulder Rig is all about giving the filmmaker the best shooting experience. The top handle has two hot shoe mounts and a swing out function. Start shooting with a grin on your face, with the Cinematics Shoulder Rig.

Supported Cameras:

·      Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, BMPCC.

·      BMCC.

·      DSLR, 5D, 7D.

·      GH4.

·      Sony A7S.


·    15mm Rail System.

·    Ergonomic Handgrips.

·    Contoured Shoulder Pad.

·    Height Adjustable Quick Release Base Plate with a Safety.

·    Storage ¼(20)" and 3/8(16)" Camera Screws.

·    Top Handle with two Hot Shoe Mounts.

·    Swing Out Top Handle.

·    Tripod Mount.

·    One Pair of Threaded Rods with Connecters.


·    Aluminum Oxide Coated Rods.

·    Camera Mounts ¼(20)", 3/8(16)".

·    15mm Rods.

·    Length of Rods. Baseplate and Handgrips 12 Inches. Shoulder Pad 8 Inches.


·    Cinematics Matte Box.

·    Cinematics Follow Focus.

·    Cinematics Lens Gear Kit.

·    Israeli Arm.

Not Included:  

·    Pictured Second Quick Release Plate.


·      Shipping is FREE for this item (US only).

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