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Pro Slider

Sliders offer a creative way to add action to any shot. The Pro Slider makes smooth shake free shots because of the slider’s Rolling Ball-Bearing Transport. The advantage of this design over a friction slider's transport, is that the transport of the Pro Slider makes even contact with the rails. The Pro Slider’s wheels displace the weight of the transport against rails while keeping the transport from lifting. Camera rocking will never be an issue because the Pro Slider’s transport is stabilized by an inner rail system. The drag of the transport can be adjusting by using the blue Drag Wheel. The transport has a bubble level and accepts the standard 3/8(16)". Uneven surfaces are quickly laid level by the adjustable feet. The feet of the Pro Slider feature a tool-less design, which makes set up a breeze. The Pro Slider has multiple mounting points of ¼(20)" and (1) 3/8(16)". A black fabric carrying case is included. Slide through, and into your next shot with the Pro Slider.

Supported Cameras:

·      Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, BMPCC.

·      BMCC.

·      DSLR, 5D, 7D.

·      GH4.

·      Sony A7S.

·      Supported Weight 10lbs.


·      Adjustable Blue Drag Wheel.

·      Roller Ball-Bearing Transport.

·      Tool Less Design.


·      Slide up to 10lbs.

·      Transport  Accepts 3/8ths.

·      Length 39.4 inches.

(Ball Head not included)


·      Shipping is FREE for this item (US only).

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