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Cinematics Lens Gear Kit


Cinematics Lens Gear Kit


Cinematics Lens Gear Kit


The Cinematics Lens Gear Kit brings cinema style filming to non-cine lenses. The lens gear is easily fixed to the focus ring of the camera by simply tightening a bolt. Once the lens gear is attached, a follow focus can now drive the lens gear and pull focus. Each lens gear is pitched at the industry standard of 0.8. The Cinematics Lens Gear Kit comes with 6 lens gears.  These lens gears can fit focus rings ranging in size from 60-116mm. Each lens gear can adjusted 9mm to 10mm. Start shooting like a pro and grab a six-pack of Cinematics Lens Gears.



·    6 Lens Gears.



·    Industry standard 0.8 Pitch.

·    Lens Gear sizes (1) 60-70, (2) 70-80, (3) 80-90, (4) 90-99, (5) 99-108, (6) 108-116mm.



·    6 Lens Gears.

·    Allen Wrench.

·    Extra Long Bolts.



·      Shipping is FREE for this item (US only).


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