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Cinematics Matte Box


Cinematics Matte Box


Cinematics Matte Box

Starting from the crushed black velvet of the flags to the swing away design, the Cinematics Matte Box is an action packed joy ride.  With the pull of a pin the matte box swings out of the way, allowing for quick rapid lenses changes. This is the best matte box for under $500. The build of the matte box is focused on usability and attention to detail. There are two, 4 x 4 filter trays and one tray can be rotated 360 degrees. The Cinematics Matte Box is made of lightweight blend of Aluminum and Magnesium. Lenses as large as 100mm can be used with this matte box. Four included antireflection inserts block out light from hitting the back of the lens body. The Cinematics Matte Box comes with four French flags, top, bottom, right, and left. The left and right French flag have adjustable flags for further light control. Lens flare isn’t an issue with Cinematics Matte Box.


·     Swing Away Matte Box.

·    4 Rubber Antireflection Inserts.

·    4 French Flags.

·    Two 4 x 4 Filter Trays that Rotate 360 Degrees.

·    All Metal.


·    Works with 15mm Rod System.

·    Front to back distance is 65mm, good for ultra wide angel lens.

·    Matte box front, 210mm wide by 150mm tall.

·    Lenses as large as 100mm can be used.


·      Shipping is FREE for this item (US only).

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