Follow Focus Pro
Follow Focus Pro

Follow Focus Pro

Follow Focus Pro

When it is time to step up the level of control, the Follow Focus Pro is the right solution.  The Follow Focus Pro is an all metal gear driven design, meaning that there is accurate control over movement. When your hand grasps the Follow Focus’s large control knob, you will notice that there is a great sense of “Feel” and “Touch.” The same sort of “Feel” and “Touch” a musician would use to describe how good and comfortable an instrument is to play. Right next to the Large Control Knob is two adjustable Hard Stops. These Hard Stops can be rotated 360 degrees and can be locked into position by screwing the stops down with your thumb. The Drive Gear of the Follow Focus Pro can be pulled out and swapped to the opposite side. The Follow Focus Pro will mount onto a 15mm rod system. The Follow Focus Pro is easy to setup and rack between focal points. Get the most out of your rig and reduce your workload by adding the Follow Focus Pro to your rig. Check out our Shoulder Rig II, which comes with a Follow Focus Pro.


  • 15mm Rod Diameter
  • 60mm Rod Distance
  • Gear Ratio 0.8
  • Two Hard Adjustable Stops
  • Large Control Knob


  • Follow Focus Pro
  • One Lens Gear


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