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Roamer Jib
Roamer Jib
Roamer Jib

Roamer Jib

Roamer Jib

12 to 19 feet of reach matched with a remotely operated head.  The Roamer Jib is a portable jib system that is small enough to be transported by car and strong enough to fly a 20-pound camera package.  The system is made up of three hard cases with travel wheels. The smallest of the cases contains the remote head, along with its supporting accessories. The two larger hard cases contain the jib arm, tripod, dolly, and supporting accessories. The remote head has the ability to drive servos for focus and zoom control. The head has built in HDMI, and DC connections allowing for free movement of the head. The servos and remote head are controlled by two Joystick remotes built into the handgrips. The control box allows for adjustments of motor speed, damping, reverse, and power. A great feature of the Roamer Jib is the tilt-compensating mount for monitor and control box. The jib has a unique light absorbing flat black paint. Setting up the jib only takes 30 minutes with two people. Each piece of the jib fits snuggly together and is completely tool-less. Once set up, the jib can be operated by one person. The reach of this jib will open up shots over buildings and dynamic flybys. Start shooting, like a Pro with the Roamer Jib.

Counter weights, camera, and monitor not included.




·    12-18 Foot Jib Arm.

·    Compact and Portable.

·    Tool-less Setup.

·    Travel Friendly Hard Cases.

·    Light Absorbing Paint.

·    Servo Control for Focus and Zoom.

·    ENG Camera Control.

·    Serial Digital Connection.

·   Cable Slip Ring.


·    Maximum Camera Load 20 Pounds.

·    Camera Mount 3/8(16)".

·    Compatible with Canon and Fujinon ENG Lenses.

·    DC output 12V.

·   Arm Reach 16ft.

·   Arm Length 12-19ft.

·   Pan Range 360 degrees.

·   Tilt Range 60 + or – degrees.

·   Net Weight 128 Pounds.

·   Power 120volts, V-Lock or Anton Bauer Battery.

·   Supported Counter Weight Inner Diameter, Standard 1.1 Inches or 28mm.


·    3 hard cases containing everything you need.

Supported Cameras:

·    Any camera under 20 Pounds.


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