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Shoulder Rig II


Shoulder Rig II

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Shoulder Rig II

The Shoulder Rig II is a game-changing platform for the DIY filmmaker. With this rig you can mount heavier camera setups such as a Canon 7D or a BMPCC. The 15mm rail system offers plenty of room to mount and stack your components. One such combination of components is the Matte Box II, and Follow Focus Pro, which are included in this offer. The Shoulder Rig II's 15mm rail system will provide stable shots and safely support your setup. The rig is lightweight and made of aluminum, no plastic nobs! The rig can be customized be to meet the needs and demands of any filming situation.  The shoulder pad of the rig will absorb and direct the weight of the camera setup over your shoulder. Thus offering the filmmaker a much needed release from the stress of hand held shots. The handles of the rig are comfortable to grip and completely adjustable. The quick release base plate is fully adjustable, Up, Down, Forwards and Backwards.


Supported Cameras:

·      Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, BMPCC.

·      BMCC.

·      DSLR, 5D, 7D, D800.

·      GH4.

·      Sony A7S.



  • Dual Hand Grip.
  • Comfortable Shoulder Pad.
  • Reversible Follow Focus.
  • Standard 1/4", 3/8” Camera Screw.
  • Rail Diameter 15mm.
  • Total Length 48cm.
  • No Plastic Parts.

Complete Kit:

  • Shoulder Rig II
  • Follow Focus Pro
  • Lens Ring
  • Matte Box II


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