Waydoo Flyer eFoil Board
Waydoo Flyer eFoil Board

Waydoo Flyer eFoil Board

Fly over Water. Anywhere. Anytime.

The Waydoo Flyer is an eFoil board designed to make you fly above the water. The ability to foil anywhere and anytime without wind or waves creates the most fantastic watersports experience that has ever been seen.


Made by Professionals. 
Designed for Everyone.

Waydoo’s founder, Dennis Zhu, is a huge lover of surfing. When he started foiling, he came up with the idea of making electronic foiling board to extend that exciting sensation of foiling to anyone. Just hop on the board and press your controller. Everyone can quickly pick up how to play. There are also different modes suitable for rookies and athletes.


Easy to transfer.

Waydoo Flyer is designed for easy transportation and can be put in any regular SUVs. It has a similar size of a human height and also comes with handles on the side.


Robust battery for all the fun you want.

Charged once, Waydoo flyer can last 60 minutes. More than enough for your exciting adventure.


Your eFoil doesn’t have to be expensive.

We all know foiling is hella fun but the price could be a turn-off. With established supply chain in place in Shenzhen and years of experiences in electronics manufacturing, we are able to provide the best quality with a most affordable price.


Wireless Handheld Remote.

The Waydoo Flyer handheld remote offers intuitive user experience. We use wireless bluetooth technology to provide a stable connection while in action. The display screen shows the speed settings and battery percentage. It gives alerts when the battery is low so that you can always get back safely.